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Prioritizing Pay Equity

Over the past 20 years, the gender pay gap has barely moved. As the leading medtech company focused on women’s health, the fact that pay equity is a priority at Hologic should come as no surprise. We achieve this through equitable employment policies, practices and annual pay equity audits.

Employment Policies and Practices 

  • We use the Bar, Hologic's digital hub of resources for current and aspiring managers, to help our people leaders better understand the different types of pay and bonuses offered at Hologic. 
  • People managers are trained to set expectations and establish quarterly and annual goals with each employee they supervise. 
  • Our HR team seeks to remain current in their understanding of industry benchmarks and best practices to ensure each new hire is compensated at the current standard or best practice. 
  • We continue to educate our managers, update pay transparency policies and expand our benefits to address any pay equity discrepancies. 

Annual Pay Equity Audits 

Hologic Compensation experts regularly benchmark salaries and conduct external pay audits with independent third-party contractors using regression analysis. This data-driven approach controls for variables that influence compensation, such as job position, tenure, years of experience, performance and location. We use the results from the regression analysis to identify any potential pay disparities and address them effectively.

We target a gender compensation ratio of 1.0, meaning men and women in similar roles, with similar knowledge, levels of performance and responsibilities are paid equally. At the end of our fiscal 2023, the company’s female to male compensation ratio was .98.