A proven and dependable solution for fast, compassionate, and easy breast biopsy.

    At Hologic we are committed to minimizing the procedure’s impact on the patient and on the facility by designing clinically effective solutions that optimize facility workflows and create a better patient experience.

    The Eviva Breast Biopsy system, designed for both prone and upright systems, offers multiple device options trusted Globally in nearly 3,000 facilities and in over 2.4 million biopsies.1


    • Remove 6 consistent cores in under 30 seconds with 4.5 second biopsy cycle time.* 
    • Keep total control with manual needle rotation at your fingertips, no programming required. 
    • Manage patient bleeding without stopping the procedure with saline lavage and constant aspiration. 


    • Offer patients a positive cosmetic outcome with maximal core samples and minimal incision size.2 
    • Keep patients calm. Biopsy with a quiet remote pneumatic firing system that helps not startle the patient versus other adapter release systems.3
    • Manage patient pain with local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site with every core.4
    • Obscure blood from patient view with translucent color tubing. 


    • Optimize access to challenging lesions close to the chest wall using a low-profile needle. 
    • Manage a wide spectrum of patients with needle size, length, and aperture options. 
    • Manage thin breast compressions as small as 16mm.5
    • Work seamlessly on Hologic’s market leading Affirm® prone and upright biopsy guidance systems with all needle parameters pre-programmed.4 
    • Easily mark the site with integrated site marking solutions. 

    “ ... Represents a Major Advance ... ”

    “The pneumatic firing capability of the Eviva device represents a major advance over conventional biopsy systems. The decrease in the sound of the firing mechanism has a major impact on patients’ perception of the procedure, reducing their overall anxiety and perception of pain.”
    - Dr. Stuart Kaplan, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, FL Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, FL

    “ Set-up time is faster... ”

    “Set-up time is faster, 5 minutes on average. The design of the system gives you a nice visual to follow for steps needed, frees up the tech once the radiologist starts to sample, and allows us to turn the room over faster. I have seen a real commitment on Hologic’s part to improving the overall experience for patients having breast biopsies as well as improving efficiency for the radiologist and technologists. Patients routinely say, “It was much better than I thought it would be.’”
    - Susan Zignego, Lead Mammography Technologist, Advocate Aurora Grafton Medical Center, Grafton, WI


    With multiple 9g and 12g needle options in standard and petite configurations; superficial, chest wall, and retroareolar lesions are easily handled by choosing the right needle for the task.

      • Gauge: 9 or 12 gauge
      • Length: 10 or 13 cm
      • Aperture: 20 mm
      • Throw/Stroke: 23 mm
      • Gauge: 9 gauge
      • Length: 10 or 13 cm
      • Aperture: 12 mm
      • Throw/Stroke: 15 mm
      • Gauge: 9 gauge
      • Length: 10 or 13 cm
      • Aperture: 12 mm

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      Total Solution

      Faxitron® Core Specimen Radiography System.

      Accelerate Your Procedure. Combine the Faxitron® Core Specimen Radiography System in your suite, to eliminate delays for core sample verifications with the core specimen radiography system designed to provide high-resolution imaging in the room, helping you accelerate procedures and get patients out of compression faster.

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      Breast Biopsy Markers

      At Hologic, we have distinct shapes with options for great long-term ultrasound visibility. Designed so you can identify sites with confidence. Hologic provides an array of biopsy site marking options specific for the Eviva system, composed of bio-compatible permanent titanium, stainless steel, or nitinol.

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