Aquilex® Fluid Management System

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    Simple solutions for patient care.

    Designed to optimize high aspiration procedures such as the MyoSure® tissue removal procedure, the Aquilex fluid management system:


      Can minimize procedure time by rapidly achieving and holding constant distension.


      Provides real-time accurate deficit readings.


      Offers a simple user interface that is easy to set up.

      Our technology

      With the Aquilex system technology, you can feel confident in your deficit readings. The system includes:

        Reduced Risk

        A non-weight-based inflow volume measurement system that reduces the risk of inaccurate deficit readings.

        Smooth Process



        The ability to add or remove bags without pausing the system.


        Safe System

        A system pause function that stops both inflow and suction pumps and locks the fluid deficit reading when a canister change is necessary.

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