Omni® Lok Cervical Seal

The Omni Lok cervical seal is designed to improve procedural efficiencies

The Omni Lok cervical seal is designed to reduce fluid leakage, to help maintain distention, decrease clean up time after hysteroscopy, and improve procedural efficiencies in the OR.1,2,3,4


Place the cervical seal on the hysteroscope.


Adjust the seal to fit patient's cervix.


Perform hysteroscopic procedure.


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As compared to procedures completed without the Omni Lok cervical seal.
2. Hologic Data on file. VAR-08420. Physician questionnaire after video introduction to device; N=15
3. Hologic Data on file, DHM-07810, bench test utilizing extirpated uteri; N=3
4. Hologic Data on file, VER-09159, bench test utilizing a uterine model; N=22
The Omni™ Lok cervical seal is used during a hysteroscopic procedure to minimize liquid distention media leakage from the cervix. The Omni Lok cervical seal should not be used in a patient with a contraindication to hysteroscopy.

The following resources are available to help you learn more about the Omni Lok cervical seal:

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