Faxitron® Path Specimen Radiography System

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    Deliver Greater Efficiency and Exceptional Patient Care.

    The Faxitron Path system focuses on the Pathologist by providing immediate access to high-resolution imaging and reporting.

    Optimize the lab with the Faxitron Path system's

    Large Field of View

    High-Resolution Imaging

    Convenient Point-of-care Placement

    Fast Reporting

    Designed with field of view guides and automatic position detection, the Faxitron Path system provides up to 6X geometric magnification, which can locate the smallest calcifications in tissue samples to ensure accurate diagnoses.

    The Faxitron Path system provides optimal imaging for large or thin sliced specimens, resulting in fewer re-cuts.

    • The large 23 x 29 cm CMOS detector accommodates a broad range of specimens
    • The wide energy ranges from 20-100kV
    • Optimally images from breast tissue slides and intact mastectomies to bones to fetal remains 
    • One button operation with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)


    Faxitron Path system, also known as the PathVision™ system.


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