Coronavirus News & Updates

“We at Hologic feel incredibly proud to be right on the leading edge of testing breakthroughs that will help lead the world out of this COVID-19 pandemic.” -Steve MacMillan, Chairman, President and CEO of Hologic

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and to further support our customers, we’ve consolidated the information and resources below to keep you informed. As the situation continues to evolve, we will update this page with more information.

CEO Steve MacMillan on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer

Why what investors should really be looking for are "self improvement stories" and why Hologic fits the bill.

From Sequence to Solution: Hologic's Response to the COVID Epidemic

Read about why Hologic was perfectly poised to be an important player in fighting the COVID epidemic in the company's 2020 Sustainability Report.

FDA Authorizes Hologic's COVID Test for Asymptomatic Individuals

FDA amends emergency use authorization for Hologic’s Aptima SARS-CoV-2 assay to Include testing of asymptomatic individuals and for symptomatic sample pooling.

CEO Steve MacMillan on Bloomberg TV

Steve talks with Bloomberg TV about FDA authorized EUA for COVID-19 test.

The Test Making Process

Get an inside look at our coronavirus diagnostic test manufacturing process in San Diego, CA. (Footage filmed prior to masking guidelines taking effect.)

Why is COVID-19 Testing Important?

Testing plays a key role in efforts to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Hologic's Commitment To Delivering Essential COVID-19 Testing

Hologic COVID-19 testing is offered across all 50 states with multiple sample types.

Additional Support

Hologic SARS-CoV-2 Assays

Global Threat with Flexible Solutions

Panther Fusion System

Flexibility, capacity and expanded menu plus the ability to run laboratory developed tests

Breast and Skeletal Health

Guidance around best practices during COVID-19 Hologic's Breast and Skeletal Health customers
  • Maurice Exner

    Maurice Exner

    “I am so proud of the team’s ability to rise to the challenge and excel on every aspect of the project. The cross-functional teamwork was amazing, and when we put the incredible talent we have together with unprecedented focus, determination and collaboration, it speaks to why the team was able to reach this outstanding achievement so quickly.” Maurice Exner – VP of R&D, Assay Development and Clinical Affairs, Diagnostic Solutions Division

  • Joshua Moberly

    Joshua Moberly portrait

    “I began working on the COVID-19 test as soon as the first coronavirus genome was published... The enthusiasm we felt as a group was contagious; everyone volunteered extra time and energy to get this test out as soon as possible. Knowing that our work would have a direct impact in the fight against the coronavirus motivated us to put forth our best efforts.” -Joshua Moberly, Scientist 2, Diagnostic Assay Development

  • Abby Gajewski-Schwoch

    Abby Gajewski-Schwoch portrait

    “My favorite aspect of this project is how everyone from all functional areas came together to execute as quickly as possible, bringing a critically needed product to market with unprecedented speed. A united front is a POWERFUL thing!” Abby Gajewski-Schwoch – Director of Panther Fusion Assay Marketing, Diagnostic Solutions Division

  • Danielle Scelfo

    Danielle Scelfo Portrait

    “I am most proud that our team was able to work with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Palmetto MolDx and our industry customers, Quest and Lab Corp, to establish a CPT code and appropriate reimbursement rate in an unprecedented amount of time. This will enable our patients to gain immediate access to COVID-19 testing covered by their insurance companies.” Danielle Scelfo – Senior Director of Health Policy and Reimbursement

  • We are so proud of our R&D and manufacturing teams who are so hard at work getting #COVID19 diagnostic tests into the hands of those who need them. Take an inside look at how the tests are prepared and produced in our lab. Learn more:

  • Thanks to our customer @UW Virology Lab for working long hours and being on the front line in getting patients’ tests processed. We applaud you for making a difference in #COVID-19 testing.

  • On Monday, we were granted Emergency Use Authorization for our molecular diagnostic test for #coronavirus. The @sdut reports on how our Panther Fusion technology is helping in the fight against #COVID19:

  • In an interview with @BloombergTV, CEO Steve MacMillan shares how we’re supporting the fight against #COVID19 with tens of thousands of our Panther Fusion molecular #diagnostic tests expected to ship this month. Learn more:

  • Today, the @US_FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization for our Panther Fusion® SARS-CoV-2 assay, a molecular #diagnostic test which identifies the virus causing #COVID19: Learn more here: https: