Faxitron® Path+ Specimen Radiography System

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Bigger is better. Optimized imaging of your largest specimens.

With no larger field of view available in the pathology market, the Faxitron Path+ system helps deliver greater efficiency for the gross lab and more timely results for the patient.

Key Features

High-Resolution Imaging

Large Field of View

Ease of Use

Remote Support Experts (Optional)

Optimize the gross lab with Faxitron Path+ system’s:

The Faxitron Path+ system provides up to 10X geometric magnification, which can image down to the smallest microcalcifications. The system selects the optimal x-ray exposure settings regardless of specimen makeup and density to ensure the highest image quality of breast tissue slices to bone decalcification.

Accommodating a broad range of samples with the large chamber and detector size, the Faxitron Path+ system allows the user to image directly in the lab. Allowing for more accuracy and a faster generation of final reports.


Faxitron Path+ system also known as the PathVision XL system


User Documents & Instructions for Use