Celero® Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy Device

About Celero breast biopsy device

The Celero breast biopsy device is the first vacuum-assisted, spring-loaded core device designed for use under ultrasound. With the Celero device, you can achieve your goals with fewer samples and large quality cores, which means fewer needle insertions and a more compassionate breast biopsy for your patient versus traditional spring-loaded core devices.
Celero breast biopsy device: more control, consistent cores, better access
Special features include:
Maximized control
  • Two firing modes, providing flexibility for control and verification of sample area.
  • 11˚ trocar tip for smooth penetration to lesion, while eliminating deflection.
  • Better access to challenging lesions in the axilla, close to the chest wall or near implants.
Quality cores
  • Core size more than 2x the size of other spring-loaded core devices.1
  • Fewer insertions needed for accurate diagnoses.²
  • Vacuum technology holds tissue in the aperture, ensuring consistent core quality.


Celero breast biopsy device:
Gauge: 12 gauge
Length: 12 cm
Aperture: 22 mm


Celero introducer:
  • 12-gauge introducer for use with the Celero breast biopsy device features a luer fitting for a secure fit and smooth transition during marker deployment and a quick-release thumb latch that allows for anesthetic delivery with aspiration option.
References: 1. Englander, B. White Paper. 2013, Hologic WP-00006  2. Internal testing performed at Hologic and maintained in PLM system

Celero Ultrasound Biopsy Patient Video

Patient movie focused on ultrasound-guided breast biopsy with the Celero breast biopsy device.

Celero Animation 

A look at how the Celero breast biopsy device acquires breast tissue.

Celero Reference Animation

Steps to operate the Celero breast biopsy device.

Celero Ultrasound Biopsy Procedure 

A breast biopsy procedure performed under ultrasound guidance using the Celero spring-loaded core biopsy device.

PDF Resources

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This paper is an evaluation of the Celero vacuum-assisted handheld device for ultrasound-guided breast biopsies.
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