Aptima® HBV Quant Assay

    Deliver trusted results with dual targets across a wide linear range and all major HBV genotypes.



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      HBV Treatment Management in Sharp Focus

      The Aptima® HBV Quant Assay is a molecular HBV treatment management assay with dual-target design. It helps providers guide treatment management for patients with chronic hepatitis B infection who are undergoing antiviral therapy.

      Quantitation Across Genotypes

      Validated performance across HBV genotypes A – H, with added tolerance to mutations.

      Unique Design

      Allows laboratorians to deliver trusted results from baseline throughout treatment despite low or high viral loads.

      Quantitate with Confidence

      The Aptima HBV Quant assay utilizes a unique dual-target design, providing accuracy in the face of high and low viral loads, genotype variation and mutations, so you can deliver trusted results from baseline measurement throughout treatment.

        Unique design. Ultimate confidence.

        The Aptima HBV Quant assay is a dual-target molecular assay for HBV treatment management.1

        • Targets 2 highly conserved regions in the polymerase and surface genes
        • Provides added tolerance to mutations in the HBV genome
        • Ensures accurate quantitation over a wide linear range

        Track even low-level concentrations of HBV virus across all major HBV genotypes.

        The Limit of Detection (LoD) of the Aptima HBV Quant assay is 4.8 IU/mL in plasma samples and 5.9 IU/mL in serum samples, from only 500 μL of reaction volume.*

        1) Limit of Detection (LOD) across HBV genotyping using clinical specimens.

        2) The LLoQ of the Aptima HBV Quant assay has been thoroughly and rigorously validated across HBV genotypes A-H with thousands of data points, across multiple reagent lots, instruments and operators.1

        *Calculated using the WHO 3rd International Standard




        4.8 IU/mL in plasma
        5.9 IU/mL in serum


        6 IU/mL in plasma
        8 IU/mL in serum



        Verified Sample Types*

        Serum (SST, serum tubes)
        Plasma (EDTA, ACD, PPT)

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