Introducing the Novodiag® System

Introducing the Novodiag® System

The Novodiag System offers a simple and fast way to pinpoint patients most at risk with targeted and syndromic on-demand testing.

The high multiplex technology is precision engineered for simplicity and accuracy across a broad and growing menu of high and low plex assays to detect common infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

With just a few simple steps, the Novodiag System delivers rapid results in about an hour, bringing clinical confidence and enabling fast, life-saving diagnoses.

Together, we can cut through the complexity of molecular diagnostics.


Key features and benefits

  • Small, quiet, fully-automated easy-to-use platform
  • Analysis of a patient sample with a single-use cartridge
  • Requires only one consumable, which is stored at room temperature and is easily disposable
  • Clear display of results in around an hour
  • Four independent slots per instrument add flexibility and convenience
  • Up to four instruments can be stacked and controlled by a single computer with Novodiag PLUS
Key features and benefits

The Novodiag System offers a wide menu of targeted and high multiplex assays in one instrument to simplify your molecular diagnostic testing:

Gastrointestinal infections

Gastrointestinal infections:

  • Novodiag Bacterial GE+ assay:
    wide detection of bacteria associated with gastroenteritis
  • Novodiag Stool Parasites assay:
    wide detection of gastrointestinal parasites
Antimicrobial resistance management

Antimicrobial resistance management:

  • Novodiag CarbaR+ assay:
    wide detection of resistance genes to carbapenem and colistin
Hospital-acquired infections

Hospital-acquired infections:

  • Novodiag C. difficile assay
Respiratory infections

Respiratory infections:

  • Novodiag COVID-19 assay
  • Novodiag Resp-4 assay

And the menu is growing -
more assays are in development

Novodiag System

The Novodiag System is part of Hologic’s Molecular Scalable Solutions

Giving labs of all shapes and sizes the power of choice.

With over 30 years of expertise, Hologic’s Molecular Scalable Solutions are designed to help meet the growing demands of your lab, today and in the future.

The decentralised, speciality and emergency testing delivered by the Novodiag System complements the centralised high-throughput testing offered by the Panther® System.

From a rapid single-patient result to population-level screening, Hologic’s Molecular Scalable Solutions meet the growing pressure and demands of today and tomorrow – all with the advantage of working with just one trusted partner.

Hologic’s Molecular Scalable Solutions


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