ATEC® Breast Biopsy System

ATEC® Breast Biopsy System is a flexible biopsy solution designed for compassionate patient care during MRI, ultrasound, and stereotactic biopsy procedures.




    A flexible biopsy solution designed for compassionate patient care.

    ATEC® vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is a simple, all-in-one platform that can be used under a wide variety of procedures to help locate suspicious lesions during breast biopsy. Modalities include ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic 2D and 3D™-image guided biopsy. The ATEC® Sapphire 100 Console is designed to be used with Hologic’s Eviva® biopsy needles.

    Improved patient comfort

    Powerful tethered vacuum delivers multiple samples with a single insertion and local anesthetic without interruption.*1

    Fastest procedure time in MRI

    ATEC system improves the average MRI time by 10 minutes, reducing costly magnet time.*2

    Easy to set up

    Set up in one minute, no programming required, and a fully disposable hand piece.

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    For radiologists and surgeons who need a simple solution with maximum utility.

    Hologic Biopsy Site Markers Identify sites with confidence. Explore our range of stereotactic, ultrasound and MRI guided biopsy site markers.

    ATEC® Accessories

    ATEC® Ultrasound Introducer

    Designed to improve access to the biopsy site under ultrasound guidance, offering additional simplicity in marker deployment with any end-deploy ultrasound site markers offered by Hologic.

    Introducer Localization System (ILS) for ATEC® MRI

    Compatible with every currently available coil system, the ATEC ILS aids in targeting lesions with most available software. It is designed to enable physicians to quickly target multiple lesions in a single gadolinium session and to confirm their targeting prior to completing the biopsy.

    ATEC® Biopsy Needle Specifications

    Standard ATEC® MRI Biopsy Device Needle

    • Gauge: 9 gauge
    • Length: 14 cm
    • Aperture: 20 mm
    • Tubing: 20 ft

    Petite ATEC® MRI Access Biopsy Device Needle

    • Gauge: 9 gauge
    • Length: 14 cm
    • Aperture: 12 mm
    • Tubing: 20 ft

    Standard ATEC® Biopsy Device Needle

    • Gauge: 9 or 12 gauge
    • Length: 9, 12, or 14 cm
    • Aperture: 20 mm

    Petite ATEC® Biopsy Device Needle

    • Gauge: 9 gauge
    • Length: 9 or 12 cm
    • Aperture: 12 mm
    • Designed to work with a minimum compression of 22 mm"

    More reasons to choose the ATEC® Breast Biopsy System.

    Rapid Results

    Tissue is acquired every 4.5 seconds in every modality.*2

    Clean and Streamlined

    ATEC system is completely closed, reducing contamination risk.

    Innovative Design for Your Facility

    ATEC console includes wheels for transport between biopsy sites and an easy-to-manage hospital-grade wrap around cord. 

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