Breast Biopsy Site Markers

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      Breast Biopsy Markers

      Distinct shapes with options for great long-term ultrasound visibility. Designed so you can identify sites with confidence.

      Tumark® Biopsy Site Marker

      Plan your procedure. Localize the biopsy site before surgery and after successful therapy with a marker designed for long term visibility.6*

      Minimize migration with a distinct 3D marker shape designed to anchor into place.

      In 85% of marker placements, physicians stated that the ultrasound visibility was good to excellent upon deployment. 91% of markers placed did not migrate, as measured on the post procedure mammogram.6

      Actual size of markers may vary between 2 and 7 mm
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        Vision marker. Image courtesy of Dr. Peggy Avagllano

        Vision marker. Image courtesy of Dr. Lashonda Soma

        SecurMark® Biopsy Site Marker

        Enhance follow up ultrasound visualization three to four weeks post-biopsy with bio-absorbable suture-like netting.7*

        Minimize movement in the biopsy cavity with the bio-absorbable suture-like net. Mark multiple sites with five distinct bio-compatible titanium or stainless-steel permanent shapes.

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          SecurMark biopsy site marker in titanium, Top Hat shape under mammography.

          SecurMark biopsy site marker in stainless steel, Infinity shape under ultrasound.

          TriMark® and CeleroMark™ Markers

          Simple. Reliable.

          Optimal for thin-breasted patients and superficial lesions. Smooth marker deployment to the biopsy site with rigid end deploy beveled tip.

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          6. Tumark® Marker Data Collection Study, 2017, DHM-06169, 3 clinicians at 3hospitals for 90 marker placements, 2017.
          7. Clinical Evaluation Report, DHM-08585. Visibility is dependent on surroundingtissue, experience may vary.


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