Breast Surgery Wires

Hologic’s comprehensive selection of breast localization wires provide a world of flexibility for today’s breast surgeons.

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    Breast surgery localization wires for efficient marking of breast lesions.

    Our newly added localization wires give physicians access to a complete portfolio of minimally invasive breast lesion localization products. This suite of modern breast biopsy wires allows intraoperative lesion localization for surgeons, with versatile marking capabilities, and serves as a smart complement to LOCalizer™ wire-free guidance system.

    Tuflex™ Thread Markers

    Tuflex thread markers facilitate intraoperative localization, distinguished by a flexible multi-wire design. Designed to decouple wire localization from surgery, it provides greater flexibility and helps to eliminate same-day localization and surgery scheduling challenges. The markers can also be used for stereotactic, mammography, and ultrasound procedures.

    Improves Scheduling Options

    The Tuflex flexible thread marker decouples wire localization from surgery for up to 3 days before placement.

    Stability with Secure Anchoring

    The marker is designed to anchor firmly in the tissue, made of 19 wires twisted together.

    Single-handed Operation

    Tuflex premium has an ergonomic handle for simple operation for ease of use during procedures.

    Versatile Application

    Enables localization flexibility and techniques familiar to radiologists and surgeons.

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    Tuflex Thread Marker at a Glance

    18 Gauge
    5 CM, 7.5 CM, 10 CM

    18 Gauge
    7.5 CM, 10 CM

    Flexible thread marker wire 

    Distal double-hook anchors firmly in the tissue 

    2 cm palpable sheath for intraoperative orientation

    Tuloc™ Localization Wires

    Tuloc™ monofilament marking wires with double-hook anchor for non-palpable, suspicious breast abnormalities help facilitate pre-surgical wire localization. They are available for stereotactic, mammography and ultrasound modalities.

    Secure Anchoring

    Double hook expands upon deployment and anchors firmly in the tissue

    Visibility for Your Procedures

    Centimeter markings along the sharp cannula help guide the procedure.

    Repositioning Options

    If necessary, wire can be pulled back into the cannula and released again.

    Single-handed Operation

    Tuloc premium has an ergonomic handle for simple operation for ease of use during procedures.

    Surgery wire on white background

    Tuloc Wire at a Glance

    20 Gauge
    5 CM, 9 CM

    20 Gauge
    5 CM, 9 CM

    Marking for safe repositioning 

    Monofilament marking wire for intraoperative localization of findings 

    Double hook design with sharp tips