ATEC® Breast Biopsy System for Ultrasound

A proven solution that enables physicians to provide an efficient, accurate and compassionate ultrasound breast biopsy.

Hologic is dedicated to being the leader in comprehensive solutions for ultrasound-guided breast biopsy. The ATEC breast biopsy system for ultrasound is just one of our several outstanding clinical intervention options.
Our flagship ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is an all-in-one platform designed for use under ultrasound, MRI, stereotactic and 3D™-image guidance. It provides physicians a fast, safe and simple way to perform minimally invasive breast biopsy procedures.
The ATEC system delivers the precision and control required with ultrasound-guidance and is FDA cleared for partial and complete removal of benign breast tissue.
The ATEC system is:
  • Multiple tissues samples with a single insertion.
  • Tissue acquisition occurs every 4.5 seconds, typically lasting less than 30 seconds total.1
  • Easily delivers local anesthetic without interruption.
  • Combination of saline lavage and consistent aspiration helps ensure a core with every cycle.²
  • Closed system reduces contamination risk.
  • Fully disposable device and tubing minimize staff and patient exposure to biohazards.
  • Simple one minute setup and clean-up.
  • No software required for user to program or operate the console.


Saline lavage
  • Helps ensure consistent retrieval of high quality tissue samples.
  • Enables physicians to automatically or manually deliver local anesthetic directly to the biopsy site without interrupting the procedure.


Standard ATEC biopsy device:
  • Gauge: 9 or 12 gauge
  • Length: 9 or 12 cm
  • Aperture: 20 mm


ATEC ultrasound introducer
  • Designed to improve access to the biopsy site under ultrasound guidance, offering additional simplicity in marker deployment with any of our end-deploy ultrasound site markers.
References: 1. K042290  2. Internal testing performed at Hologic and maintained in PLM system

ATEC Prone Stereotactic Biopsy Video

A breast biopsy procedure performed under stereotactic guidance using the ATEC breast biopsy device and the MultiCare® Platinum stereotactic breast biopsy table.

ATEC Console Set-up Video (Ultrasound, MRI, Stereotactic)

How to set up the ATEC console for ultrasound, MRI and stereotactic-guided breast biopsies.

ATEC Ultrasound Biopsy Procedure Video

A breast biopsy procedure performed under ultrasound guidance using the ATEC breast biopsy system.

ATEC Ultrasound Biopsy Patient Video

Biopsy patient movie focused on ultrasound-guided breast biopsy with the ATEC breast biopsy system.

PDF Resources

ATEC® breast biopsy system brochure

Breast biopsy patient brochure

The ATEC vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system has been designed for radiologists and surgeons who find compassionate patient care, confident clinical results, and economic value essential elements in minimally-invasive breast biopsy.
Celero, ATEC, Eviva breast biopsy devices: Selected scientific publications on breast biopsy.
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