JustRight® Surgical Stapler

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    JustRight® Surgical Stapler

    The JustRight® 5 mm stapler is raising the bar in general and pediatric surgery. The reduced instrument shaft and optimized jaw length make downsizing laparoscopic ports a reality and eliminate the need to use oversized, overpowered instruments.Because the stapler can be moved from port to port without the need to upsize, it simplifies workflow and enables versatility of port placement, and can be reloaded for multiple uses within a single procedure.

    For more information about the JustRight stapler, visit https://gynsurgicalsolutions.com/hcp/AESS

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      Important Safety Information
      The JustRight® 5mm Stapler is intended for use in abdominal, gynecologic, pediatric, and thoracic surgery for resection, transection, and creation of anastomosis. Do not use the JustRight® 5mm Stapler 2.0mm staples on any tissue that compresses to less than 0.75mm in thickness, on any tissue that cannot comfortably compress to 1.0mm or on the aorta. Do not use the JustRight® 5mm Stapler on tissue such as liver, hepatic vasculature, spleen, pancreas, or biliary structures where compressibility is such that closure of the instrument would be destructive. Do not use the JustRight® 5mm Stapler where adequacy of hematosis cannot be verified visually after application. Do not use the JustRight® 5mm Stapler with a staple line reinforcement material. Adequate staple formation cannot be verified when using staple line buttressing materials such as PERI-STRIPS or SEAMGUARD products.
      For further information related to warnings, cautions, and directions for use, please consult the Instructions for Use. 

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