Breast Cancer Index


    Breast Cancer Index™ (BCI), performed by Biotheranostics, Inc., is the only test that is guideline-recognized to predict extended anti-estrogen therapy benefit.

    A New Standard for Extended Endocrine Therapy Decision-Making

    Extending endocrine therapy beyond 5 years has been shown to reduce the risk of recurrence in some women with HR+, early-stage breast cancer. However, longer treatment is associated with significant potential side effects and adverse events, and many women do not benefit. 

    Breast Cancer Index is a unique, proprietary genomic test that helps inform the appropriate duration of endocrine therapy by reporting two pieces of critical information:

    • Is she likely to benefit from extended endocrine therapy?
    • What is her individual risk of late distant recurrence (5-10 years post-diagnosis)?

    For Breast Cancer Index Intended Use and Limitations, visit the full site.

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