Culture & Society

Culture & Society

Employees at the Massachusetts Conference for Women.

World Class Level of Engagement

Our People Matter

It takes all of us, coming together as our authentic selves, to create the best version of what Hologic can be. Our Passion fuels our mission: an interconnected, interdependent web of talent with unlimited potential that both imagines and achieves performance in a way that is impossible for any one person, or any one type of person to achieve alone. What makes us different makes the difference in how we realize our Purpose and deliver on our Promise.

We know:

• That employee engagement is essential to our performance driven culture and sustainable growth.

• That implementing objective measures of talent and leveraging individual strengths are the keys to building a diverse and inclusive work force.

• That individualized coaching and key experiences are the foundation for successful career advancement.

• That investing in our employees drives future growth and opportunities.

Our Disciplined Commitment to Employees Enabled Our World-Changing COVID Response

In January 2020, Hologic reached world-class engagement; our Employee Engagement Survey results put us in the top 96th percentile of our peers in Gallup’s global company database, representing a deep commitment and readiness to continuous improvement and resilience. Our foundation of world-class engagement enabled us to do the impossible in 2020. In the face of upheaval, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and shifting priorities, our commitment to our employees and their commitment to each other fortified our leaders and teams to not merely persevere, but to thrive.

We know that our culture is defined by our engaged, diverse, passionate team members across the globe. Our lives and work changed in the face of the global pandemic. Hologic was needed more than ever. Our leaders united us around the belief that “tough times reveal character.” Each one of us was challenged to step up—to adapt, innovate and grow. We saw colleagues at every level across our global community answer that challenge to do the seemingly impossible to benefit the millions of lives we serve. We witnessed the bold and passionate culture of Hologic in action.

Engagement Fuels Our Purpose

An everyday focus on engagement enables individuals and teams to deliver superior outcomes, maximize what they do best, and manage their performance through ongoing, meaningful conversations and development experiences. The journey to top decile engagement and high performance did not happen overnight, or even over the course of the year—Hologic has been on a six-year journey to create a culture in which our employees can thrive. It has been a steady, disciplined march. But the results speak for themselves.

Since initiating our engagement turnaround, Hologic has moved from the 36th percentile of Gallup’s company engagement database to the 96th percentile. Simultaneously, Hologic’s stock price jumped from about $26 per share in early January of 2015 to over $70 per share by the end of 2020.

Each year, all employees are invited to participate in our Company-wide Q12 Engagement Survey. We measure 12 elements of engagement using the Gallup Q12 methodology. Our employees assess actionable areas including Company mission/purpose; job expectations; manager quality and interaction; and overall work relationships. The survey responses are completely anonymous. The results of the survey provide insights and information into how and where we need to focus to become even more engaged in our teams and across the organization. Hologic’s overall engagement is compared to Gallup’s company database, reflecting our performance against our peer organizations.


Hologic Joined the Top 5% of Companies with Our January 2020 Engagement Results




What Gets Measured Gets Improved

By understanding how different groups of Hologic employees are experiencing a sense of inclusion and belonging in our workplace, we can hope to unleash the potential of our team members and live up to our principle of inclusion more fully.

Pursuing Healthcare Equality for Women

Our pursuit of equality in women’s health is fueled by our mission to enable healthier lives, everywhere, every day.

A Message from Our Chairman and CEO

Steve MacMillan, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, shares his perspective on how—and why—we are integrating sustainability into our day-to-day business operations.