Affirm® Contrast Biopsy Software

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    Biopsy Hard to Detect Lesions

    Affirm® Contrast Biopsy software allows clinicians to target and acquire tissue samples in lesions identified in contrast enhanced mammography. It is an optional software license for Selenia® Dimensions® and 3Dimensions™ systems for use with I-View® contrast enhanced mammography biopsy software and the Affirm® breast biopsy guidance system.

    Expanding contrast solutions in the breast center to create a brighter future for women.

    Enhanced Clinical Applications

    Affirm Contrast Biopsy software allows targeting and acquisition of tissue samples in lesions identified on prior CEM exams, where a correlate may not be found using tomosynthesis or ultrasound.

    Similar to stereotactic biopsy

    During a contrast enhanced mammogram, following iodine injection, lesions are localized using a scout view and the 15-degree image pairs.

    Familiar experience for patients

    Patients prefer CEM procedures over bMRI for reasons such as faster procedure time, greater comfort, lower anxiety, and lower noise level.1

    Efficient workflow

    Keep contrast exams in the mammography suite resulting in cost savings over using bMRI.2 Contrast diagnostic exams and biopsy use familiar mammography and biopsy procedures benefiting both providers and patients.

    Three different x-ray images

    Turn the invisible into visible by using functional imaging.

    Hologic’s powerful contrast mammography and biopsy solutions, including the Affirm® upright biopsy system, I-View® 2.0 Contrast Enhanced mammography software, and Affirm® contrast biopsy software, provide smart tools to confidently guide the clinical pathway through screening to diagnosis and biopsy.

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