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People First

World-Class Employee Engagement

"Our world-class engagement results in 2022 reflect the commitment of each employee to Hologic’s purpose, our colleagues and our global work culture. We know that when employees are engaged, they perform at their best. Hologic’s teams across three dozen countries are driven by our singular purpose – to enable healthier lives everywhere, every day. We maintained a high level of engagement amid a great deal of uncertainty and complexity, including record-setting business growth, organizational changes, a stream of acquisitions and supply chain challenges driven by COVID. Our progress results from people truly committing and working together.”

Lisa Hellmann,
Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources and Corporate Communications

Engagement on the Rise

It isn’t enough to garner high scores in a single year. Our track record is a result of our concerted, consistent effort to dynamically engage our employees. While scores from 2021 were already impressive, we managed to continue making progress in key areas in 2022.

More Engaged than Ever

The percentage of Hologic employees who say they are engaged with the company continues to increase.

Our People Drive Our Passion

Keith Reed photo

"What I am empowered to do each day,

which is to set the strategic direction of our sales organization, has an impact not only on the livelihood of all employees, but also on every patient who receives a diagnosis based on the surety of our products. When there is tight alignment between mission and performance, and the right talent in every role, engagement thrives.”
Keith Reed, Vice President of Sales, Breast and Skeletal Health Solutions, Orlando, Florida
Mark Olsem photo

"I love being surrounded by people I can trust, lean on and who inspire me every day.

These close relationships lead to exciting moments of ideating, collaborating and problem-solving together. There is a mutual respect for each other’s perspectives and a yearning to accomplish our goals. Our collaborative outcome is so much greater than what I could ever dream of accomplishing alone.”
Mark Olsem, Senior Director, Brand and Healthcare Provider Marketing, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Veerle Dierynck photo

"I feel and see that who we are gets into everything.

What we do. How we show up. Engagement for me is the unspoken beauty when we truly connect. It’s not always easy, but it is an everyday choice we all must make. I own my engagement and I work every day to expand its reach.”
Veerle Dierynck, Senior Director, EMEAC Customer and Technical Service, Brussels, Belgium
Sandy Lee photo

"I still remember when I was first diagnosed with HSIL (cellular abnormalities) during a cervical cancer screening.

When I told my colleagues, they were very supportive and ensured that I was not under too much stress, helping me in every possible way. I am very thankful for the support system I have at Hologic.”
Sandy Li, Senior Applications Specialist, Hong Kong, China

"I joined the organization at a time when everything in the world was uncertain due to COVID.

Hologic embraced these challenges and ensured that we felt secure in an unnerving situation. We did not lose those interpersonal connections that tie our purpose to our people. I found myself connecting more and cultivating my leadership skills, which created an excellent sense of belonging for me. I am certain that my purpose to enable healthier lives is aligned to my daily responsibilities in the organization and that growth is inevitable.”
Dikeledi Khoza, Applications and Support Lead Global Access Initiative, Johannesburg, South Africa

"My goal in life is to leave the world a better place for having had me in it.

As a nurse, I was able to do that through direct patient care – one patient at a time. As someone who has worked in the medical technology industry, I’ve been able to help develop world-class treatment and diagnostic technologies that impact far more people. Moving to Hologic was a no-brainer. You’re working with amazing technology that helps to diagnose earlier, bring treatment sooner and help women in particular get back to healthy lives and their families a lot faster.”
Tanja Brycker, Vice President of International Strategic Development for Surgical, Breast and Skeletal Health Field, United Kingdom

"Hologic has been a great champion for the well-being of its people and the communities where it does business.

This is a game-changer for both the employee and the company — a two-way, win-win approach. What could be more engaging than working for a company that genuinely cares about people? Hologic means pride and hope.”
Elidieth Gonzalez, Director, Human Resources, El Coyol, Costa Rica

"The main driving force at Mobidiag was the feeling of belonging to a team, almost a family, and this bond was one of the strongest drivers of engagement. Extending the family circle into a larger company like Hologic requires a purpose.

Joining Hologic during COVID has really demonstrated the strong sense of purpose and dedication throughout the organization. Knowing that our solutions help our customers better serve patients is something that drives our motivation a step further.”
Yann Marcy, Vice President of R&D at Mobidiag (Acquired by Hologic in 2021), Paris, France

"I feel so proud when I speak to healthcare professionals and patients about how Hologic has positively impacted them.

There is so much work that still needs to be done to ensure that women and girls in all corners of the world are cared for and protected. Not only does Hologic support this through proven technology solutions, but also through initiatives like the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index and Project Health Equality. I know that every day, my role at Hologic plays a part in advancing women’s health here in Canada and beyond.”
Elizabeth Coll, Marketing Manager, Surgical Solutions Division, Mississauga, Canada

Raising the Bar: Championing World-Class Managers

At Hologic, we have a relentless focus on talent, performance, the experiences of our employees and developing the best teams and leaders. With that in mind, we created an internal resource for our employees known as the “Bar.” 

What is the Bar?

A resource for self-guided content, centered around good management practices. The Bar acts as a digital resource for current or aspiring people managers to build managerial muscles. Its content is continually evolving and responding to the most pressing challenges managers are facing.

We help our managers by clearly setting expectations and providing guidance on those topics that matter most to developing talent and delivering strong performance. We aim to raise the bar on leadership practices at Hologic.

Leadership Expectations

  • Driving personal impact on individuals and team culture.
  • Effectively managing individual and team performance.
  • Learning how to inspire others.
  • Cultivating and motivating talent.
  • Defining, interpreting and sharing a vision.

Employee Engagement

  • Understanding why engagement is so important.
  • Measuring engagement.
  • Hologic’s process and the role of managers.




  • Effectively using one-to-ones to build trust and drive performance.
  • Setting clear expectations.
  • Learning how to trigger development and ensure it “sticks.”
  • Discovering how to make difficult conversations productive.
  • Creating high-performing teams.


  • Designing an impactful pre-joining experience.
  • Creating first touchpoints once a new employee is onboard.

Manager Processes

  • Incentivizing and rewarding performance.
  • Setting goals.
  • Assessing strengths.