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A Sustainability Discussion With Our CFO, Karleen Oberton

Quote from Karleen Oberton

“I would like to share Hologic’s sustainability strategy, goals and journey of growing leadership. This is an increasingly important area of focus for our leadership team. I am incredibly proud to be part of an organization whose purpose-driven mission authentically informs our business strategies and initiatives.”
Karleen Oberton Chief Financial Officer

The key aspects of Hologic’s sustainability efforts and impact:

Our Approach to Sustainability

We focus on areas where we know we can make a unique difference, such as providing access to our best-in-class products for underserved communities, funding STEM education and driving global policy change to improve early detection and treatment of disease.

Our sustainability strategy is directly linked to our business strategy. By driving innovation, we deliver strong financial results, enabling us to invest in key initiatives such as the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index and Project Health Equality. By helping more women, we are driving meaningful societal benefits.

CFO’s Role in Sustainability Oversight

Traditionally, a CFO’s job is to ensure financial returns. In today’s world, the role has evolved. It’s “and” instead of “or.” In other words, how do I ensure financial return AND make a difference?

The difference between a good CFO and a great one is the ability to deliver financial success while also making the world a better place for stakeholders — and for society more broadly.

Connecting Hologic’s sustainability strategy with our business strategy helps me lead in a purpose-driven way, deliver financial returns to our shareholders and drive meaningful initiatives to improve the lives of our customers and patients around the world.

Development of the Sustainability Industry

It is clear this expanding investment thesis will only strengthen over the next few years. Hologic finds this encouraging, and we are excited to share our story and grow our investor base with shareholders who share our vision of helping more women.

We also see sustainability becoming more formalized, with more disclosure expectations and reporting. Our teams are working to understand how newly proposed rules may impact Hologic and how to best prepare as an organization.

Finally, we believe as the movement towards sustainability gains further traction, this will create more opportunities to attract and retain key talent. We have confidence that connecting Hologic’s purpose, passion and promise with our business strategy will resonate strongly with the next generation of leaders.

Our Sustainability Momentum and Impact

We formalized our sustainability journey in 2019. It was the same year we launched our first annual sustainability report. Since that time, we’ve come a long way.

We describe this sustainability journey as one of continuous improvement. At the start, we set out to define what was central to our mission with Hologic’s purpose, passion and promise. By expanding our societal footprint, launching important initiatives such as the Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, Project Health Equality and the Global Access Initiative, we help more patients globally, where we know we can make a difference based on our unique capabilities as an organization.

As we move forward on our sustainability journey for 2023 and beyond, we are excited to build on our progress and unwavering commitment to help more women.